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31 Dec 2020 - 06 Jan 2021


08:00 - 23:55


  • Title: Descendents
  • Directores: Judit Aranda y Carlos Collazos
  • Time: 1h
  • Lenguage: Spanish
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2020

Password: refugio-fcdhbcn2020


Adversities experienced by the daughters and sons of African, Asian and Latin American migrants who came to Catalonia and are now part of it.

Directors Biography:

Judit Aranda has worked as a freelance audiovisual journalist since 2013. Linked to the third sector as a collaborator of the entity SICOM (Solidarity and Communication) from where she has developed various communication projects for different entities, working to raise awareness and recognition of human rights defenders and the link between cooperation and communication with a gender perspective. In this area, she has also participated as a co-producer and producer in the documentary on reception in Catalonia from the perspective of eight migrant women, ‘Mi Piel’. She is in continuous learning, she is currently studying the Master Globalization, Development and Cooperation (2020-2021) of Mundo-3. In addition to audiovisual communication projects, she has also taught audiovisual and digital communication classes in schools and various entities.

Carlos Collazos has worked as an editor and cameraman for various national and international media. In 2006 she co-directed her first documentary, ‘Don’t Forget’, focusing on the lives and reflections of three women after the Bosnian war. He worked as a cameraman for a documentary on the decolonization of a mining town in Morocco (2008). He co-directed the documentary ‘Vacaciones en Paz’ shot in the Saharawi refugee camps and Barcelona (2009). Camera for a documentary shot in Kafountine-Senegal (2010). He has worked with SICOM on different projects, such as the documentary series ‘Health, the business of life’ (2010-2016) focused on topics such as access to health and the determinants of health. In collaboration with the entities CAPS and Entrepueblos he made the documentary ‘Papilloma: women must decide’ (2016). He has made the documentary ‘Mi piel’ (2018) focused on the life stories of 8 migrant women and their reception in Catalonia. He has also been part of various audiovisual projects related to development cooperation and human rights.


Directors Filmography:

Judit Aranda:

  • Co-directora – “Descendents” (2020)
  • Co-realizadora y productora – “Mi Piel” (2018)

Carlos Collazos:

  • Co-director – “Descendents” (2020)
  • Director – “Mi Piel” (2018)
  • Co-director –  “Vacaciones en Paz” (2009)
  • Co-director – “Do not Forget” (2006)