Beyond borders Stories of freedom & friendship
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Director: Sandra Dajani, Nazgol Emami, Johanna Bentz, Madeleine Dallmeyer, Camilo Colmenares, Diana Menestrey, Khaled Nawal
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Films for refugee children, for their friends and for everyone else. This creative documentary (episode film) without dialogues takes the viewer on a journey into children’s worlds of different countries, real and dreamed. Ola befriends a giant, a boy from Jordan learns to laugh again, a magnifying glass lead us into a dream world and creates a new friendship, Jumana longs for their homeland and simply turns Germany upside down over and over again … In these cinematic miniatures , which were designed by filmmakers from countries such as Syria, Iran, Jordan, Germany and Colombia, the whole emotional range of refugee children is renegotiated. BEYOND BORDERS – STORIES OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP THE OVERALL PROJECT These seven films cast in an entirely new light the wide range of emotions experienced by refugee children. The films demonstrate imaginatively how loneliness may lead to friendship, fear transforms into a sense of warmth and security, sorrow and loss prepare the ground for new beginnings and a grey world morphs into a colourful one, perhaps with new prospects for the future. It is important to us that we conceive of BEYOND BORDERS – STORIES OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP a single comprehensive project. We intend to seize upon this opportunity to present all of these diverse aspects of fragile happiness in a single entity and bring to life an entire cosmos of small escapes. BEYOND BORDERS – STORIES OF FREEDOM & FRIENDSHIP is to be shown as an episode film (80 minutes in length) at festivals, in cinemas, refugee camps, schools, etc. around the world. The film has already attracted considerable interest and a number of children’s film festivals are planning to show it. Supporting programmes with accompanying material will be developed together with media educators. However, the individual films can also be shown individually, both in short film programmes and on television. www.bildersturm-film.de